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ask me something :)   show me sumthin cool. i dare ya. :)   i want to be like water: to slip through fingers but hold up a ship

    "This is what Wisdom means: To be changed without the slightest effort on your part, to be transformed, believe it or not, merely by waking to the reality that is not words, that lies beyond the reach of words. If you are fortunate enough to be Awakened thus, you will know why the finest language is the one that is not spoken, the finest action is the one that is not done and the finest change is the one that is not willed."
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    In Time (2011) - IMDb →

    Since grandpa’s unexpected passing about 2 weeks ago, I’ve been having an ongoing conversation with myself that goes something like this:

    We really can die at any moment so whatever it is i wanna do, i gotta do it NOW.

    And if i’m gonna be doing something now, it better
     be what i REALLY wanna do. 

    What, then, do I really want to do? 

    this movie really has you think about life and the choices we make every day in a very different light.
    what if we lived moment to moment? we don’t know cuz we don’t practice that.
    this movie shows what that would look like in practice.

    thanks to Moisey for putting me on. 

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    John Carter (2012) - IMDb →

    Saw this one with Eymar the other day. He had to talk me into watching it as “fantasy” and “Disney” threw me off. Gotta say, I really liked it.

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    PROBLEM: Lacking real coherence and direction. Failing to contemplate, only pretending to be decisive.
    SOLUTION: What springs from your actions is only a reflection of your heart. Soul search and resolve some personal issues you may have buried.

    PROBLEM: Projects that come to nothing. Partnerships full of conflict and argument.
    SOLUTION: See your role as the “person with ideas” then, work on inspiring others to carry them out. Develop a higher capacity to “listen” and not speak.

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    in case you were wondering..

    in case you were wondering..

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    Karmic Insight: Overcome-Fear

    "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." -Franklin Delano Roosevelt

        Dear Soul Friend,

    Fear is meant to warn us that we are off course and we need to take action to get back on track.

    * Take Action: The phrase “paralyzed by fear” gives one key to overcoming it: take action!  Get up and do something.  Ask yourself: “what task can I complete (that I need to do anyway) that gets me doing something?”  Action really is the enemy of thought.  When you are doing something, you are not worrying about things.

    * Take Precautions: Be prepared.  If you know you are traveling in a high risk area, only go in the day with a friend while lots of others will be present.  If you are traveling by car, take a cell phone and be protected by a road service.  If there is something you can do in advance that will drain the fear right out of a situation for you - do it!

    * Take Advice: Ask for help.  Seek advice from others who have faced your fear and have overcome it.  They may have strategies or know of resources that can help you to overcome your fear.  What you are looking for is a hand-up (how you can help yourself) rather than a hand-out (how others can help you out temporarily).

    * Take Stock: Scale the problem.  Are you making a mountain out of a mole-hill?  Assess the alternatives.  What are the different, potential solutions?  Think through each alternative.  What outcome can be expected from each of the possible solutions?  Track the actual against the expected results.  The more you are right, the less you need to fear.

    * Take Care: Take breaks.  Stop fearing the future and start living in the present.  When you feel fearful, take a deep breath to calm yourself down.   Leave your fears outside your bedroom door and get a good night’s sleep.  Take regular breaks to enjoy your life.  These all keep fear from being your constant companion and grinding you down.

    * Take Control: Master your mind and emotions.  Fear is a decision made by your mind (reasons why a situation is fearful) and a reaction made by your emotions (feelings flowing from that situation).  Only you can control your thinking and your feeling.  If you follow the advice above, then you should be able to take control of your fears.

    Karmic Insight: Overcome-Fear -

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