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ask me something :)   show me sumthin cool. i dare ya. :)   i want to be like water: to slip through fingers but hold up a ship

    God Krishna and Goddess Radha, his Divine Feminine Counterpart

    God Krishna and Goddess Radha, his Divine Feminine Counterpart

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    Ash is a photographer, collage artist, writer and single mother living in Los Angeles. Her body of work veers towards captivating sincere images that display the dark and revealing settings of the mundane suburban lifestyle. One of the most important things in her life right now is raising her son with the help of her twin sister and documenting these private moments in a way that empathizes with the human condition. Her life is a living piece of art and it shows in everything she creates. 

    We wanted to get a tad more insight into the complex nature of her creative process. So we asked her a couple of questions:

    Why do you make art and why do you emphasize on analog photography? 

    I make art because I need to make things. My art is an expressions of things I can’t control, a creative outlet for the anxieties of life.  I started shooting because my mother owned a photography business when I was growing up and she handed down all her equipment to my sister and I.  I solely shoot analog because of the volume it has and because of the process.

    It’s well known you have a small child you raise on your own, what type of involvement does he have in your work, if any?

    My photographic work is done collaboratively with my twin sister Amber, both secular work and fine art. Most fine art is documental, so he plays a big roll in that.  When I’m making collages or drawing, he’s there cutting paper.  When I do performances or recite poetry, he’s on stage with me.  If I’m framing he’s there with his tool set.  River is definitely involved in anything I make. 

    Was it easier to make art before or after you were a single mother?

    Nothing became easier when I became a single mother except for worrying and discernment. 

    Everyone out there considers themselves a photographer now, so what type of photographer are you?

    I am an artist with a BFA in analog photography.  I do personal fine art series that I exhibit and I secularly shoot musicians, lookbooks, skateboarders and family portraits. 

    In your ART STORE, there’s a series of wall art that are only “sayings/phrases” that you’ve written, any you hold immensely dear?

    Yes.  Empathize with the human condition, You can’t bury manifestation, and It’s realizing that star you’ve been wishing on is a goddamn satellite.  The notion behind all my work is sincerity so I look to find some dark humor in things like disappointment, heartbreak and pain.  My favorite writers are King Solomon and Chuck Palahniuk, for both their tenor and structure.  Read the book of Ecclesiastes and then Fight Club and you’ll totally get what I mean.  

    You can see more of Ashlie Chavez’s work on her WebsiteArt Store, and Tumblr.

    I read Chuck Palahniuk and the book of Ecclesiastes. I totally know what you mean.

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    Mum draws the faces, daughter draws the bodies.. Lovely blog post about collaborative art here

    Their print shop here

    So cute

    this makes me smile

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    An Octopus Painted in Layers of Resin by Keng Lye

    i <3 octopus

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    If you want to know where your heart is,look to where you mind goes when it wanders

    If you want to know where your heart is,
    look to where you mind goes when it wanders

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In the Naked Eye&#160;: Andromeda

even love is goin&#8217; &#8216;round you can&#8217;t ignore what is goin&#8217; &#8216;roundWe Are All Made of Stars


    In the Naked Eye : Andromeda

    even love is goin’ ‘round 
    you can’t ignore what is goin’ ‘round

    We Are All Made of Stars

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