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ask me something :)   show me sumthin cool. i dare ya. :)   i want to be like water: to slip through fingers but hold up a ship

    «Kafka on the Shore» Haruki Murakami [reader] →

    MUST read. seriously. if you’ve been ruminating on what it is about the dessert that changes us so well, this one’s for you. cat lover? read this. cuz you know why.

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    Karmic Insight: Empowered-Action

    * Be the Creator in Your Universe: When taking actions, you need to pay the most attention to what you are doing. When you pay attention to competitors, do so only to learn to become better at what you are doing. When you pay attention to mentors, do so only to shorten your learning curve. When you pay attention to others, rejoice in their success. Just remember you are the creator of your universe -AND- you can only create in the physical world when you take consistent, sustained, empowered actions.

    “Think like a man of action and act like a man of thought!” - Henri Bergson

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how people treat you is their karma;
how you react is yours. - Wayne Dyer

    how people treat you is their karma;

    how you react is yours. - Wayne Dyer

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    Karmic Insight: Overcome-Fear

    "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." -Franklin Delano Roosevelt

        Dear Soul Friend,

    Fear is meant to warn us that we are off course and we need to take action to get back on track.

    * Take Action: The phrase “paralyzed by fear” gives one key to overcoming it: take action!  Get up and do something.  Ask yourself: “what task can I complete (that I need to do anyway) that gets me doing something?”  Action really is the enemy of thought.  When you are doing something, you are not worrying about things.

    * Take Precautions: Be prepared.  If you know you are traveling in a high risk area, only go in the day with a friend while lots of others will be present.  If you are traveling by car, take a cell phone and be protected by a road service.  If there is something you can do in advance that will drain the fear right out of a situation for you - do it!

    * Take Advice: Ask for help.  Seek advice from others who have faced your fear and have overcome it.  They may have strategies or know of resources that can help you to overcome your fear.  What you are looking for is a hand-up (how you can help yourself) rather than a hand-out (how others can help you out temporarily).

    * Take Stock: Scale the problem.  Are you making a mountain out of a mole-hill?  Assess the alternatives.  What are the different, potential solutions?  Think through each alternative.  What outcome can be expected from each of the possible solutions?  Track the actual against the expected results.  The more you are right, the less you need to fear.

    * Take Care: Take breaks.  Stop fearing the future and start living in the present.  When you feel fearful, take a deep breath to calm yourself down.   Leave your fears outside your bedroom door and get a good night’s sleep.  Take regular breaks to enjoy your life.  These all keep fear from being your constant companion and grinding you down.

    * Take Control: Master your mind and emotions.  Fear is a decision made by your mind (reasons why a situation is fearful) and a reaction made by your emotions (feelings flowing from that situation).  Only you can control your thinking and your feeling.  If you follow the advice above, then you should be able to take control of your fears.

    Karmic Insight: Overcome-Fear -

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    To forgive, or not to forgive? That is the question.

    From the Emailbag: “After all he did in the past, can Hitler be forgiven?” The answer is: “Yes, for anyone to truly be forgiven, everyone must be forgiven! For if Hitler can be forgiven, there is no one who is beyond forgiveness!”

    * All by Agreement: At the heart of karma is that fact that all Souls exist because God loves them. God created all Souls to carry out specific missions. Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin agreed to carry out an especially tough mission in creating circumstances where multitudes of others could explore and balance their past life karma. However evil and repulsive their actions were, they still happened by agreement and ended in the same way. Remember that all unfolded under God’s watchful eye with the goal of teaching about love through experiencing its absence.

    What do you think?

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    Be God-like Too

    The whole point of karma and reincarnation is to advance a Soul in love, joy, and awareness so that, instead of being confined to worshiping God, that Soul can become more God-like. This happens when a Soul gains enough experience via reincarnation to understand and master the grand majesty of God’s creation.

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