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freedom within

ask me something :)   show me sumthin cool. i dare ya. :)   i want to be like water: to slip through fingers but hold up a ship

    this is SO effin good. enjoy

    Gold Fields - Holy No ( Sessions) (by

    — 7 months ago

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    you’re allllll iiiiii want

    All Eyes - All I Want (by Alleyesmpls)

    — 7 months ago

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    when I get too worked up
    well I work it out
    and if I get too down,
    I just shout it out
    I bet I have it all, but the rest will do
    and it’s nothing against all I do with you

    Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends [Official Music Video] (by Portugal. The Man)

    — 8 months ago

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    bite chunks out of me
    you’re a shark and I’m swimming
    my heart still thumps as I bleed
    and all your friends come sniffing

    alt-J - Tessellate [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (by Alt-J)

    — 8 months ago

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    secrets I have held in my heart
    are harder to hide than I thought
    maybe I just wanna be yours
    i wanna be yours
    i wanna be yours

    ^This is a John Cooper Clarke poem that the Monkeys put to music. This line is the only one Alex added. The poem was (and still is to the extent of my knowledge) taught in the British schools, which is where Alex first heard it.

    The addition of this line changes the tone of the poem to reflect the mood of the rest of the album, with Alex keeping his guard up and trying not to fall hard for a girl. What he feels is powerful, a truth so genuine it demands expression. He, through experience, is cognizant of the fact that you’re not meant to reveal your feelings for someone as empirical psychology shows it might not be conducive to eliciting reciprocation. However his impulse is to be authentic, and disregard games, despite that it is leaving him completely vulnerable.

    Arctic Monkeys - I wanna be yours (Video HD) (by This is AWESOME)

    — 8 months ago


    Lovin’ this right now.

    be on my side,
    i’ll be on your side, baby
    there is no reason
    for you to hide

    Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Down By The River (by burnshow)

    — 8 months ago

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    mmmusic makes the world go around, the world go around the world go around

    mmmusic makes the world go around, the world go around the world go around

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    This to start the day. 

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    beautiful Russian song

    Lena Kaufman feat Ada- Ночь сияла кристаллом / Night shining of crystals (by Lena Kaufman)

    — 1 year ago

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