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ask me something :)   show me sumthin cool. i dare ya. :)   i want to be like water: to slip through fingers but hold up a ship

    The Mindbus Technique: A Visualization for Defusing Negative Thoughts



    The mindbus technique is an exercise where you imagine yourself as the driver of a bus and your thoughts as just temporary passengers riding along with you. This is a great way to distance yourself from negative thinking.

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    Change your thoughts, change your life

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    "Wanting to reform the world without discovering one’s true self is like trying to cover the world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is much simpler to wear shoes."
    Sri Ramana Maharshi (via lazyyogi)

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    Remove a Limiting Belief in 20 Minutes →

    "In order to remove a limiting belief, it isn’t enough to identify and acknowledge it. You may be aware of some of your limiting beliefs, but awareness of them isn’t necessarily enough to keep them from operating in your life.

     You may be aware that rejection isn’t such a terrible thing, but your subconscious is still conditioned to avoid it. 

    Awareness is an important part of the solution, but it isn’t the whole solution.”

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    How One Woman Built a Feel Good Empire →

    "Self-help for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing self-help.”

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    "the Buddha said the next Buddha was going to be not a one single human being but a community of people. we’re gonna do it together, holding hands, collaboratively"

    Kelly Morris at Wanderlust Festival’s SPEAKEASY - Stratton, VT - June 2011 (by WanderlustFestival)

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    Gail Marquis and Audrey Smaltz - Vows - →

    Landmark Education and Gay Marriage: an open mind and an open heart can change your life for better. Thanks to Maya for this. <3

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    White Space.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object) →

      BLOG.CREATIVECOMPASSCOACH.COM: White Space - an oasis in the midst of overload

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    "..We need to be AWARE of negatives so that we can steer clear of them. A golfer needs to know where the bunkers and sand traps are— but he doesn’t think continuously about the bunker - where he doesn’t want to go. His mind ‘glances’ at the bunker, but he dwells upon the green."
    Dr. Maxwell Maltz
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    The Addict & the Sage by Alan Cohen

    No matter how thick ur dossier of what’s gone wrong, u can start a new dossier now. All it takes is one person who’s willing to see ur higher possibilities. And if no one out there’s doing that, let that one person be u.

    Quit identifying with your difficulties, finding justifications for them, and arguing them. Become a force for your own potential.

    Shift your attention to what is going right and how great it could be. Take the affirmation, “I am always doing better than I think I am,” for you are.

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